TikTok trend encourages users to share their most toxic behavior

TikTok users are revealing the moments they lost their mind thanks to a slowed-down Gnarles Barkley cover. 

It all started when comedic actor Stephen K. Glickman, of Nickelodeon’s Big Time Rush, dropped a piano cover of “Crazy” by Gnarles Barkley. Now the ladies of TikTok are sampling the sound to confess some very dark but hilarious secrets. 

“When I changed his mom’s name in his phone to the girl he was cheating on me so he sent his mom a d*** pic instead,” @cocoblake said.

Now that is what we call savage.

“When I went to see Christmas lights and asked a random guy to pretend to be my boyfriend so I could put it on my [Instagram] Story to make another guy jealous,” @whoashell wrote.

Yes, she included the photo as evidence. 

“When I found out my BF was cheating on me instead of breaking up he had me and the other girl give speeches on why he should stay with either of us. And when he chose me I took him out to dinner and got him thank you presents,” @vantitties confessed. 

Well, we’re just happy she has since moved on from this deadbeat. 


“When I wanted to touch my science teacher’s bald head in high school,” @wysayen revealed. 

And yes, once again, there’s some footage of this wild moment. 

“When I used to post pics/ videos of me with a mannequin head to make my ex jealous,” @rachelldunnn said. 

Unfortunately (and hilariously), the mannequin head makes an appearance in this confession. 

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