‘America’s Next Top Model’ has found new ways to burn people on TikTok

A throwback clip from America’s Next Top Model has become the ultimate drag on TikTok

In cycle 21, episode five, host Tyra Banks told a contestant, “It’s so bad I want to give you a zero. But that’s not possible so I give you a one.” The soundbite has become the sickest burn on social media. Luckily, people have only weaponized the insult against themselves — and it’s hilarious. 

The America’s Next Top Model clip was uploaded to TikTok by @justforfun87 and has been used in over 360,000 videos. 

TikToker @undos graded his “evil child phase” with the sound. 

He presented a photo of himself as a little kid with a sinister smile and his eyes rolled back into his head. 

“When I wanted to an underwater photo shoot,” @tostitos.toejam said. 

Shen then revealed a photo of herself underwater in a pool looking completely warped and distorted. 

“When I pierced my own nose and used my mom’s earring as a nose piercing,” @officialnevelpapperman said. 

In an old photo, she posed confidently with a giant gold hoop earring as a nose ring


Why was I posted up in my moms bed like that…#kik

♬ original sound – 🌟

“The photo I sent to the guy I like over Kik when I was 11,” @aircondishing said. 

In the picture, she looked like a totally innocent little girl with glasses. 

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