Why are so many TikTok users claiming they want waffle fries?

A voice actor started a new meme on TikTok. Now “waffle fries” represent people’s bizarre animal encounters. 

Kyle DeNigris voices the animated character Boozoo from the horror series The Walten FilesOn June 29th, he uploaded a skit featuring Boozoo, who is a possessed animatronic in the show. DeNigris pretended to be afraid of the spooky character, to which Boozoo replied matter-of-factly, “I want waffle fries.” Now TikTokers are lip-syncing to DeNigris’ sound to describe their unsettling animal encounters.

Origins of the “I want waffle fries” TikTok trend


“What are you doing in my house?” DeNigris said to Boozoo, crying in fear. “What are you doing in my house?” 

Then he cut to a clip of Boozoo who said, with a deadpan cadence, “I want waffle fries.” 

The video is hilarious and weird. That’s probably why TikTok quickly embraced it. 

The “I want waffle fries” TikTok trend.

“Me remembering that my mom grabbed a little wild animal and brought it home and now we live with it,” one TikToker said. 

She then cut to footage of the family’s pet possum as the “I want waffle fries” audio played. 

“Just going out to my garage at 3 a.m,” @hannah_pohl wrote in the caption. 

Hidden in the clutter of her garage there was a horse staring directly at her. 


She has an overbite and a lazy eye but she’s still my bestie🥺🥺 #fyp #iwantwafflefries #SHEINcares

♬ Boozoos Waffle Fries – Kyle DeNigris

“When your mum buys you a purebred pedigree Shih Tzu and two years later it looks like this,” @emsvibez said. 

Her dog was full-grown with an “overbite and a lazy eye” which was far from what the family anticipated. 

“When you wanted chickens but you got them from Wish.com,” @its.pronounced.scott said. 

Suddenly an emu appeared and it looked like it was lip-syncing “I want waffle fries,” perfectly. 

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