3 ice cube tray hacks to make the most out of the basic household item

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An ice cube tray technically only has one job — or so we thought.

With a little creativity, this basic household item is actually a pretty cool multitasking product. Here are three unconventional ways you probably never imagined using your run-of-the-mill ice tray. 

Sushi-inspired lunch

Cover your ice cube tray in plastic film wrap before you get started. 

Next, add a few thin slices of salmon, cucumber, tuna, and egg into the sections. Be sure to keep each ingredient separate, don’t layer them. 

Fill each compartment with cooked sushi rice. Then refrigerate for 10 minutes. 

When you remove each segment you should have a cube of sushi rice topped with a thin layer of each ingredient. Perfection. 

Mini candles 

Fill each compartment of the ice cube tray with grated crayons in your favorite color. 

Then pour melted candle wax into each cube. Carefully add a candlewick before the wax hardens. Pro-tip: fix each candlewick onto a toothpick, this will make it easy to remove each candle from the tray.

Let harden. Remove each candle, light them up and illuminate your space.

Fruit-infused water

Add your favorite fruit, like blueberries or diced pineapple, into each cube of the tray

Pour in water and freeze like you would regular ice cubes. 

Finally, add the fruity ice cubes to water or your favorite beverage for an extra dose of flavor. 

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