Ice painting is a brilliant way to keep kids cool and entertained this summer

Ice painting is the perfect activity for kids to stay cool and creative this summer!

Summer is here, and kids are restless. Soon enough, they start complaining of boredom, and  parents often struggle to find activities that are creative and active without involving too much screen time

But parents have no reason to worry, because there’s a new TikTok trend that your kids will love: Ice painting


Ice painting is a fabulous summer activity ☀️🧊🎨 Share with someone who’d love it! #todayislove #summeractivities #summerbreak #icepainting

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There are some different strategies, but ice painting generally involves freezing a large block of ice in a tupperware or similar container, then setting up the child with some washable watercolors and letting them paint straight onto the ice itself! It’s inexpensive, innovative, and keeps children entertained… at least until the ice melts away!

Some TikTok users had creative variations on this trend. Tara Pedroza (@pedroza_mama) filled a large container with ice cubes. Her son used his paintbrush to move the cubes around on top of some paint. Pedroza seemed pleased that her son was busy, giving her a few minutes of peace and quiet! 

Another interesting take on the trend was TikTok parent Becky’s (@ucanhandleit_momblog) idea to create ice paintbrushes! She recommends filling an ice mold halfway with water, adding a few drops of food coloring to the water, filling the rest of the mold with water, then inserting popsicle sticks into each mold. 

Once the mixture is frozen, your kids will have an icy paintbrush! This twist on the trend can lead to a more permanent art project if your child chooses to use their icy paintbrush on paper or a poster board. 

Ice painting involves generally little set up, and the clean up is easy too – just let the summer heat do its thing and the project will melt on its own. For an EXTRA easy cleanup, encourage your child to make their ice painting outside!

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