ICU nurse collects medicine caps for ‘beautiful’ art project in honor of patients

Healthcare workers work tirelessly every day to provide around-the-clock care for those who require it and ensure they receive the best treatment possible. These workers have been especially indispensable during the COVID-19 crisis, during which nearly 125,000 people were admitted to the hospital for the virus at its most recent peak.

Doctors and nurses undoubtedly touch the lives of every patient they care for both with their actions and their words. However, what people who don’t work in healthcare might not realize is that these patients touch the lives of their doctors and nurses, too.

Recently, Katie Bishop shared just how much her patients mean to her in a TikTok video. In her now-viral video, the ICU nurse shared that before COVID, she used to keep the caps from the medications she would dispense to her patients “with plans of creating a mosaic to remember those I’ve cared for.”


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Bishop has been collecting the caps for more than four years, and in the video, she organized them by color — the first step toward turning them into something beautiful and commemorative.

Users were blown away by the nurse’s “beautiful” project idea and her commitment to her patients.

“Thank you,” one person said. “My husband passed in the ICU. Thank you for remembering your patients because my family will never forget his nurses.”

“This is amazing,” another added. “Each one of these caps came from a moment you cared for another person. Like a small tribute to so many lives you have impacted.”

“This is so amazing!” a third wrote. “Thank you for caring for those who are sick.”

In a recent update, Bishop shared that she hasn’t made any progress on her project, seeing as she’s been working around the clock amid the global pandemic.

“Both my partner and I are ICU nurses,” she said. “It’s gonna be a while before I make something with the med caps, but in the mean time, thank you for following!”

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