‘If you wondered if I hate you, I do’ TikTok song trend explained

A SZA song is proving to be cathartic for TikTok users venting about what they hate. 

R&B singer SZA released “I Hate You” exclusively on SoundCloud last August. Now it’s finally made its way onto TikTok. The artist is known for her raw, confessional lyrics about romance and this track was no exception. TikTokers are lip-syncing to the song to express their disdain for all different kinds of situations.

“I Hate You” goes viral on TikTok

“And if you wondered if I hate you (I do),” SZA sang on the track. 

Even SZA noticed “I Hate You” had gone viral on the app this November. 

“LOL I heard TikTok found out about ‘I Hate You’ today,” she tweeted

“To everyone who used to be so rude but wanna be besties now,” influencer Chloe Burrows said, lip-syncing to the song

“When he thinks I forgot his puppachino,” @alwaysjalen said as his dog mean-mugged him while he drank a Starbucks drink

“Every cyclist on the road,” @janemckennan0 said from her car

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