Illusionist transforms into iconic ‘Corpse Bride’ character: ‘You literally blow my mind’

Mirjana Kika Milosevic is more than a makeup artist, she’s an illusionist. The body painter from Serbia runs Kika Studio where Milosevic does mind-boggling transformations like turning herself into a double helixhuman-sized Gremlin or the spooky cover of her favorite Iron Maiden album.

What makes Milosevic’s looks so next level is that she is able to disappear parts of her body, using black paint and a black backdrop, to appear as unusual forms. 

In 2017, she went viral on YouTube when she became Emily from “Corpse Bride.” Milosevic painted the character’s pallid, gaunt features onto her body in great detail. She used black paint to “trim” her own shape and take on Emily’s skeletal form. Milosevic finished look makes her waist look shrunken, her arms appear bony and her eyes look massive.

The video racked up 3.5 million views on YouTube

“OMG you literally blow my mind,” one user commented

“This is probably the best ‘Corpse Bride’ body paint I’ve seen yet,” another wrote

“Amazing how she managed to make her look exactly like the clay doll in Tim Burton’s movie,” someone added

Milosevic told Mashable that to create each look she uses three mirrors. Bravely, she doesn’t do a practice run before her transformations since each can take from six to seven hours. 

“I couldn’t find a job in my city so I decided to paint murals and kids’ faces,” Milosevic told Mashable. “I saw what I could do with painting so I decided to take it to the next level — makeup.”

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