TikTok users are sharing hilarious examples of times they felt like a parent

TikTok has tapped into its maternal instincts with the “I’m A Mother, No Drama” meme. 

The trend got started in late-November and has since spawned over 432,000 videos. In the aggressively wholesome meme, users become ferocious mama bears thanks to a modified sample from Blueface and Cardi B’s “Thotiana” Remix. 

In the soundbite where Cardi B raps, another voice, believed to be from a YouTuber freestyle rapping over the track, shouts the phrase, “B****, I’m a mother, no drama.”  

Then TikToker @partyboydevin lip-synced to the phrase humorously with the video caption, “me after owning one plant.”

Welp, plant parents related to his clip, and the video went viral with over 1.1 million views. 



♬ original sound – devin levell

The most popular rendition so far came from @saydenseay. The TikToker filmed his 6-year-old sister playing with her baby dolls. 

Kids when they be playing with they fake babies,” he wrote in the caption. 

The funny lyrics dropped, then his kid sister lip-synced them as she changed her doll’s clothes on the floor.

The hilarious clip racked up 11.3 million views. 

“She said what she needed to,” one person commented.

“She killed it, LMFAO,” another said.

“The way she’s so aggressively certain,” someone wrote

Another TikToker, got comedically real about her boyfriend. Jodee Henderson lugged her nearly-nude beau over her shoulder with the caption “taking care of my boyfriend after a night of blacking out.” 

“Girl, you strong as hell, LMAO,” someone said

“I’m gonna start training to be able to carry mine, I love this,” another wrote

“Never related to something more in my life,” a user commented

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