TikTokers are using a repetitive sound to manifest good luck

TikTokers are desperate to manifest some good luck before the New Year.

People are using a remix of “Lucky” by the Swedish pop duo Lucky Twice in their videos to channel good fortune. Some even claim using the song gave them swift positive results. Meanwhile, others have even alleged that not using the song has had the opposite effect: it gave them bad luck. This is what TikTokers are saying about the supposedly magical sound. 

When @emernet uploaded the “Lucky” remix it was to score a fan video of Evangelion. It had nothing to do with manifesting at all. The sound repeats the lyrics, “I’m so lucky, lucky” throughout the song.

But word quickly spread somehow that using the song would give you fast results if you needed a miracle. The sound has been used in 1.2 million videos.

TikToker @peytongara claimed that after she used the sound she got a 95 on her test

“Me realizing every time I record one of these good things keep happening and now I am extremely paranoid,” @ashleysinclaairr wrote in a caption

“I skipped the sound and my dad died, I caught a cold, my period came, my mom’s BFF died and my sister’s house caught fire. So I’m using the sound,” @notcamimullins said in a video


Easier to ask for forgiveness than for permission ig… #fypシ #oops #yolo #imsolucky

♬ I’m so lucky lucky – ♡

“I kept skipping this sound and my mom just texted me saying she’s on her to visit me at university, but I’m in Rome with a boyfriend she didn’t know about,” @no.sarah.no revealed in a TikTok

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