Touching video asks moms to imagine themselves from their ‘child’s eyes’: ‘This video made me feel so much better as a mom’

A viral video is shedding light on what motherhood is really like from a child’s eyes. 

Parenting is tough. It can feel like a never-ending to-do list of responsibilities and tasks. On top of that moms face even more pressure to be perfect. It’s easy to feel like you are coming up short. 

Jess Martini vlogs about being a mom of three on TikTok. When Martini got a comment on one of her videos, she made it a point to address it. 

The message said, “Pregnant and struggling over here. Did the bare minimum yesterday. My 5-year-old: ‘Mommy today was the best day ever because it was you and me together.'” 

Martini told the struggling mother, “Imagine if we all saw ourselves from our child’s eyes.” She even created a touching video to show exactly what she meant. 


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Martini’s video showed the difference between what moms focus on and what kids focus on. It’s a necessary reminder for mothers to be a little less hard on themselves. 

“I can’t believe I’m cooking from a box again,” Martini lamented

“Yum! This dinner is my favorite,” her son said of the pasta with sauce.

“We really should be doing more learning games or go to a playground,” the mother said to herself while watching TV on the couch. 

But her son couldn’t have felt more different, saying, “Snuggling and a movie, this is the best day ever!” 

“I should have done more today, I was just so tired,” she thought in bed. 

“I love my mom,” the boy said to himself as he fell asleep.

The emotional video racked up 4.3 million views on TikTok

“This is beautiful. We need to go easy on ourselves sometimes,” one person commented.

“It’s not about what you didn’t do. It’s about what you did,” another wrote

“This video made me feel so much better as a mom,” a user said

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