College student shocked by girlfriend’s ‘immature’ secret decision: ‘[She] doesn’t care about your boundaries’

A boyfriend forbade his girlfriend from coming over to his apartment without his permission, but he isn’t sure if it was the right move.

He consulted Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum for advice. He and his girlfriend are broke college students in a country where some lockdown restrictions have lifted. He gave his girlfriend a key to his house and didn’t mind that she came over frequently. What bothered him was that she would bring strangers over during the pandemic who would eat his food. 

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“Several months ago I decided to give her a set of keys to my place as we are at that level relationship-wise and I also figured it would be a nice getaway for her as she still lives with her parents. My problem came from what she started doing a few months in. In my country college has been partially resuming and I am working part-time […] so I had been gone a lot during the day and whenever I came home she would have a friend, sometimes two friends over,” he explained.

He became fed up with his girlfriend after having several conversations about the matter. 

“I am not comfortable having random people at my place all the time and I am even less comfortable with feeding these people, my grocery bill has already gone up,” he wrote. “I had multiple talks with her about this, making clear I was not comfortable with having her friends over all the time, even more so with coronavirus going around and when that did not work I forbade it and told her to go to her own home to host her friends. She started doing it a lot less but when I came home to her and two random friends after a particularly [bad] day I told them all to get out and took her keys.” 

Reddit users thought the girlfriend was being inconsiderate. 

“I’m sorry but your girlfriend is immature and doesn’t care about your boundaries,” someone commented

“Your house, your rules,” another said

“She’s taking advantage of your kindness,” a user wrote

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