Impressive 9-year-old wakes up early to prepare beef bulgogi for dinner

This talented 9-year-old woke up early so he could prepare a beef bulgogi marinade for dinner before going to school! 

Who says TikTok isn’t educational? Nathalie (@natlivingselfcare) is a parent and TikToker who woke up one morning to a surprising sight: Her 9-year-old son had gotten up early to prepare a recipe he’d seen on TikTok! Nathalie recorded the 9-year-old meticulously preparing a marinade for a beef bulgogi recipe he planned to cook that evening, and it impressed even seasoned chefs!


He woke up 30 minutes before school to prepare a beef bulogi marinade. Any leftovers can be frozen until we’re ready to eat it again. When your son knows more about meal prep than you do🤦🏾‍♀️! His algorithm shows Roblox, cooking, and cosplay! I feel safer on TikTok that I ever did on Facebook. That’s why if they go through with the ban of TikTok, I will be deleting Facebook and Instagram and voting independent! Thank you everyone for watching, and everyone who gave us feedback on how we can prepare our meals better. I will fight tooth and nail. Keep this community going! #beefbulgogi#beefbulgoginoodles#koreanfoodlover

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“My 9-year-old woke up early just to prepare beef bulgogi before school,” Nathalie explains in the video

In the kitchen, the 9-year-old is busily preparing the ingredients. He roughly chops onions, cores a pear, and places them in the food processor along with some garlic cloves.

“I don’t know all the ingredients,” Nathalie says as she watches her son cook. “But this is his recipe card.”

Nathalie cuts to a photo of her son’s adorable recipe card. In childish handwriting, the 9-year-old has carefully written out the ingredients to the dish he is making. 

“He writes it down verbatim from any TikTok video he watches,” the mom proudly explains, cutting back to her son’s beef bulgogi preparations. “He put a pear in there. He put an actual pear, which was interesting. And some sugar, salt, soy sauce, [and] mirin.”

Once the ingredients are blended to create a marinade, Nathalie’s son pours it on top of a bowl full of thinly sliced beef. “[Then] he adds the vegetables and tells me to put it in the refrigerator and he can cook it for tonight’s dinner,” Nathalie says. 

“I love him,” she concludes.


Replying to @djatomone1 the beef bulgogi was nice a tender. I was afraid it was gonna be two salty because he can’t be a little bit heavy handed. But it was perfect. I didn’t realize we ran out of rice, so we ate it with Ramen, bebeefbulgogia#marinatedbeef

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Viewers were impressed with the 9-year-old’s cooking skills. 

“That’s a good bulgogi recipe! Good job, buddy!” one viewer wrote. 

“Pear is absolutely correct for bulgogi. He is amazing,” commented another TikToker. 

“He better be a Michelin star chef in the future! He’s so good,” another TikToker chimed in. 

Are you impressed with this 9-year-old’s cooking skills?  

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