In honor of Father’s Day, dads open up about their journeys to fatherhood

With Father’s Day arriving on Sunday, we asked dads to share the first time they felt like a parent and what being a dad means for each of them. While some of the dads have a few years of fatherhood under their belt, others are still learning the ropes — or even waiting for their special delivery to finally arrive.

No matter their experience level though, each of these proud papas is clearly amazed by the cool kids they’re in the process of raising or are about to meet.

“The first time I felt like a dad was probably when I held my son for the first time in the hospital,” Samuel Gomez, father of two, tells In The Know.

Dad of one Jordan Redman echoes that sentiment, remembering the day he brought his 10-month-old daughter home.

For dad-to-be Paco Gonzalez, his moment came a little earlier.

“When my wife attended her first appointment and she said she heard the heartbeat of the baby,” Gonzalez shares. “I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, it’s real.'”

Someone beyond themselves

A common thread among the dads was the realization that they were taking care of something — or rather, someone — beyond just themselves.

“It’s a really humbling experience,” dad of two Dean Tzortzis says. “And it’s not about you; it’s about them.”

Julio Aguirre, a dad of two, shares that feeling. “The first time I felt like a dad was when my responsibilities changed from being about me to being about someone else, to being about something that I helped create,” he says.

And, of course, these doting dads are looking forward to seeing who their kids eventually grow up to be.

“The best part of being a dad is helping and watching my daughter learn and become the kind, intelligent and strong person that she’s meant to be one day, and the fact that I had a hand in that,” Edvin Dizdarevic, whose daughter is 11 months old, explains.

For Gonzalez, what he’s looking forward to is letting his baby explore the world.

“Let the baby be him or herself,” he says. “I want him or her to be curious, to explore, to support his or her ideas.”

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