In-laws are guilting pregnant mom and husband into making a 7-hour trip to visit them even though she could give birth ‘at any time’

A pregnant first-time mom’s in-laws are demanding that she and her husband make a seven-hour trip to visit them, even though she’s eight-and-a-half months pregnant. Not only that, but they also refuse to take “no” for an answer.  

The woman took to Reddit’sAm I The A******” forum, asking for feedback on what to do about the situation. 

She explained that her in-laws moved out of state a few months ago and are a seven-hour drive away. The woman and her husband haven’t been able to visit them due to his busy work schedule and her difficult pregnancy. 

Getting down to the issue at hand, the expecting mom relayed that in two weeks, all of her husband’s siblings are making the hours-long commute to visit their parents, who want her and her husband to make the trip, too. 

“I will be 8-½ months [pregnant] at that point. There is no chance I’m sitting in a car for 7 hours. They want my husband to come and leave me alone, and I really don’t want him to go. I could go at any time, and I don’t want to be here alone with him a 7-hour drive away. I’ve never given birth before, and I’m scared. [What] if something goes wrong and he is not here?” the author stressed. 

Once they made the decision to stay home, her husband called his family and explained their reasons for not going, but “it has been hell ever since,” the woman wrote. She says her husband’s mother called her crying, and his siblings are upset.

“His mom called me up yesterday and pretty much told me [that] I’m awful, and I [should] just suck it up and take the car ride since I’m too much of a b**** to let him go without me. I just hung up,” the Redditor shared. 

The author concludes her post by saying she feels torn over what to do.

“I hate this. He said he won’t go, but I just feel so bad. I want my baby coming into [a happy] world, but now I feel like this [will] ruin it. Should I just go? Should I just let him go?” she asked. 

“His family needs to grow up.”

Reddit users declared by a landslide that the author of the post is not the a****** in this scenario. 

“You and your husband are in the right. You are the most vulnerable you could ever be. You need to be in a place that is comfortable with your partner who makes you feel safe. His family needs to grow up,” one Redditor wrote.

“You’re super pregnant. If they want a family visit badly enough that they’re in tears over it, why don’t they visit you?” one Reddit user inquired. 

Above all, Reddit users said the most important thing the mom-to-be should do is take care of herself and her baby.

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