In-laws move next door, chaos ensues

Sometimes the people you live next to really challenge the sentiment of “Love thy neighbor.”

Neighborhood disputes are nothing new, but one woman has an extra layer of tension added to hers. Her annoying neighbors are her in-laws.

A poster who goes by the handle Lotsofluv posted on the parent forum, Mumsnet, asking commenters to analyze her situation and tell her whether she was being unreasonable about the impending living arrangement.

“When the house came up for sale next to us my husband’s parents showed interest, it needed renovation so I never thought them buying the house would happen (mother-in-law is very fussy),” the post read.

“They did buy it and have builders in there doing the renovations while they still live in their current house. Once or twice a week they drive down (over an hour’s drive) to have a look at what’s been done. Am I being unreasonable to get pissed off about this?”

According to the post, the in-laws show up announced to the woman’s house and expect the proper guest treatment every time — a cup of tea, maybe a prepared snack and lots of conversation.

“I know it’s not a massive deal but when I’m having a lazy day, no makeup, loungewear on I just don’t want to entertain unannounced people,” she continued.

Lotsofluv also anticipates it will get progressively worse when the in-laws move in. Next thing she knows, she’s having lengthy conversations over the shared fence in the garden every time she steps outside.

“I like my own space and feel they are going to invade it. It’s making me want to split with my husband who I have a great relationship with,” Lotsofluv lamented.

The commenters all sided with Lotsofluv, some even saying she was already a better person than they were for entertaining the idea and not convincing her husband to talk his parents out of it.

“I love my in-laws, but I would hate this,” one person replied.

“Obviously, you can’t control what your in-laws do, but did they ask how you and your husband felt about this before they bought the house?” another user asked. “I’m also wondering what their expectations are.”

Several other people expressed concern over the in-laws’ expectations, saying that they could be moving next door to prepare to make it easier for Lotsofluv and her husband to take care of them.

“I do get on with them but never feel completely comfortable around them as they are quite judgmental (how tidy peoples houses are/what clothes they kids have on etc),” Lotsofluv added in the comments. “My husband thinks it will be fine and they won’t even see them much, I’m not sure about that.”

“Time to set some boundaries for the sake of everyone’s sanity,” one poster advised.

“Talk about invasion of privacy!” another added. “Really feel for you — good luck!!”

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