In The Know by Yahoo Honors: Lisa Phan

Digital content creator, college student

Age: 21

Home state: Maryland

Lisa Phan’s goal before she started building her tremendous online following was that she wanted to be the role model she wished she had had as a little girl — “or, at least someone else rather than Mulan,” as she told Very Good Light in 2021. Phan has been uploading to YouTube since 2012 and, even as a college student, has somehow had time to continue entertaining her 360,000 subscribers with regular commentary on beauty, fashion and budgeting tips. Phan also uses her social media to advocate for social justice. Her Instagram account, which has 45,000 followers, has Instagram Story Highlights for “Justice” and “AAPI,” with swipe-up information and recommended accounts to follow.

Instagram: @lisaxphan

YouTube: Lisa Phan

TikTok: @lisaxphan

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