In The Know by Yahoo Honors: Monisha Edwards

CEO and Founder of Scent & Fire

Age: 33

Hometown: Dallas, Texas

Monisha Edwards didn’t randomly decide to start a candle business out of the blue one day. After being diagnosed with anxiety and depression, she began to research the benefits of essential oils and discovered the power of scent and aromatherapy— how they can change your mood, trigger memories and bring a sense of calm to life. As someone living with social anxiety, seasonal affective disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder and asthma, Edwards needed a candle that catered to her needs — something that could keep her anxiety attacks at bay that was also free of smoke and soot. This need eventually became her six-figure company Scent & Fire. What started as a personal alternative to medication is now a full-blown wellness company and tech-based manufacturer of eco-luxury scented candles and other fragrant consumables. The next step for Scent & Fire is a digital wellness companion app designed to provide free and low-cost mental health resources and education on sustainable wellness practices to help destigmatize mental health in marginalized communities. Edwards has since been featured on The Today Show to spread the Scent & Fire message of community, self care and mental wellness. You can read more about Monisha Edwards and her journey with Scent & Fire here.

Instagram: @monishaedwards, @scentandfire


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