In The Know by Yahoo Honors: Mya Pol

Disability advocate, student

Age: 21

Hometown: Wareham, Mass.

Mya Pol is leading the charge on educating TikTok and Instagram users about the spectrum of disability and the lack of accessibility available in the world today. The college student covers everything in her videos — from explaining why calling someone “disabled” isn’t “bad,” breaking down the daily costs of someone who is disabled, how higher education can be ableist and, arguably most importantly, sharing moments of #DisabledJoy.

Pol takes it upon herself to regularly combat misinformation on her platforms, understanding that a lot of comments come from ignorant people. Her straightforwardness and advocacy have taught thousands of people what it’s like to have a disability.

TikTok: @immarollwithit

YouTube: ImmaRollWithIt

Instagram: @immarollwithit

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