Here is your guide to the latest buzzwords, trends, creators and memes

For the past 30+ years, the internet has had its own language, jokes and cast of characters. For those who are always online, it’s easy to keep up … but we can’t always be logged into TikTok, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and so on.

As TikTok and its 689 million global monthly users gain influence over young people, it can be exceptionally hard to understand where slang terms and other references are coming from, because the app’s interface makes it difficult to link out to external information. Curious users are often left digging through the comments for an explanation for something living rent-free in their heads, and one isn’t always available.

In addition to keeping up with all the definitions and backstories that make up Gen Z pop culture, we also need to keep in mind that much of “Gen Z culture” has been borrowed from and inspired by other cultures. Those communities deserve credit for their influence.

To help decode and demystify the lingo used by young people online, we put together the In The Know Glossary to be your guide through all the latest trends, memes and influencers you need to know to be a part of the conversation. As a new craze pops up every day, this page will stay updated with links out to explainers.

Have at it, besties.

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ACE Family

Adam Faze

Addison Goes Home Snapchat show

Addison Rae

Addison Rae and Bryce Hall’s relationship

Adrian’s Kickback

Adult Swim TikTok trend


Aging TikTok filter

Album cover TikTok challenge

Alejandro Rosario

Alev Aydin

“Alors on Danse” TikTok trend


Alt TikTok

Amelia Hamlin

American Girl doll teeth TikTok trend

Amish TikTok


Angelic yields

Anna Sitar

Annie movie memes

Anti-MLM creators


“Anything can happen in The Bronx” TikTok trend

Ari Aguirre

Ari Fournier

“As the World Caves in” TikTok trend

“Astronaut in the Ocean” TikTok trend


Attractiveness scale TikTok trend

Aura color TIkTok trend

Ava Louise

Ava Max



Axel Webber

Aya Tanjali


Baby Ariel

Backpack Kid

Backyardigans TikTok trend

“Bad Romance” TikTok trend


Bama Rush TikTok trend

Barbara Palvin

BBL behavior meme


Bella Dose

Bella Fitz and Max Balegde

Bella Poarch

Bella Thorne

“Berries and cream” TikTok trend


Big Baby TikTok meme

Big head TikTok filter

“Billy on the Street” TikTok resurgence

Bing Bong

Blinking game TikTok filter


Bo Burnham’s Inside TikTok trend

Bomb Moms

Bone Guy

Bones Day

“Bongo cha cha cha” TikTok trend

“Boo! I’m a ghost” TikTok trend

Boys World

Brad Mondo

Bretman Rock


Brittany Broski

Broke Bobby

Brooke Monk

Brooklynne Webb (@xobrooklynne)

Brussels sprouts cancellation

Bryce Hall

Bum Bailey

Bunny the “talking” TikTok dog

“Buss It” challenge

Buttered Jorts

Butterfly effect


Cain’s Jawbone

“Call Me By Your Name” TikTok trend

Carl Bismarck

Cartoon TikTok filter

Cartoonify TikTok filter

Caught in 4K


Chair emoji

Chance of rain TikTok trend

Charli D’Amelio

Charlie Puth’s feud with Benny Blanco

Charly Jordan and Tayler Holder’s relationship

Chase Hudson

Chase Rutherford


Chip clip TikTok trend

Chloe Ting

Chlorophyll drink TikTok trend

Chris Miles

Celebrities on TikTok

Celebrity doppelgängers

Celebrity kids on TikTok

Celebrity house TikTok trend

Center of gravity challenge

Chopping dance TikTok trend

Chug Jug with you TikTok trend

Cindy Kimberly


Coco Quinn

“Coconuts” TikTok trend

Cole Carrigan

Color personality quiz TikTok trend

Conan Gray

Controversial TikTok stars

Cori Gabrielle

Corpse Husband


Crucible TikTok trend

“Cry if I want to” TikTok trend


Cult TikTok trend


Da Vinki meme

“Daisy, Daisy” song TikTok trend

Dalton Gomez

“Dancey Dance” TikTok trend

Dance Moms cast

D’Angelo Wallace

Dangerous TikTok trends

Danielle Cohn

Dave Team


“Dear Maria, Count Me In” TikTok challenge

Def Noodles

Devil girl TikTok sticker


Devious licks

Dice roll walk TikTok trend

Disney copycat recipes

Diss tracks by TikTok stars

Dixie D’Amelio


“Don’t ask me the color of anything”

Down bad

Dowsing rod TikTok trend

“Dramatic story” TikTok trend


Drew Afualo



Dynamic photo TikTok trend


Easy TikTok dances

“Eat your vegetables” TikTok trend


Elle Zeller

Emily Dobson

Emily Mariko

Emily Zugay

Emma Chamberlain

Emoji secret meanings


Epcot Ball TikTok trend

Eva Cudmore

“Even the paparazzi team Bryce” meme

Ex destroyer TikTok trend


Fact or cap

Fake people on TikTok

Fake screaming TikTok trend

Fake Snapchat Photos


Fast-food secret menu items

“Fax no printer” TikTok trend

Felix Mallard

Fergie cartwheel trend

Fire cider

Flip Day

Floating broom TikTok

Flowers for guys TikTok trend

Francesca Scorsese

Frankie Jonas



Gaslight, gatekeep, girlboss

Ghost Ship TikTok

Gilmher Croes


Glow look TikTok filter

“Go best friend” TikTok trend


“Good soup” TikTok trend

“Goodbye Connie” meme

Google Form challenge

“Gorgeous gorgeous girls love soup” TikTok trend

Gossip Girl reboot

Goth CVS

Green flags

Griffin Johnson

Gua sha

Gunshot TikTok trend


Haley Sharpe, aka @yodelinghaley

Hannah Stocking

Happy Kelli

Harry Jowsey

“Have you ever been in love” TikTok trend

Head bobbing TikTok trend

Heart background TikTok trend

Helicopter TikTok trend

“Here comes the boy” TikTok trend

Hero Fiennes Tiffin

He’s All That movie

Hidden emojis on TikTok

Hive app

/hj and /j

“Hold my milk” TikTok trend

“Holy Spirit activate” TikTok trend

“Hopeful for today” TikTok trend

Hot girl walk

“How Bizarre” TikTok trend

“How far would you drive for the girl of your dreams” TikTok trend


Hype House


“I am woman” TikTok trend

“I guess we’ll never know” TikTok trend

“I hate people who work at the bank” TikTok trend

“I hate all men, but when he…” TikTok trend

“I know it ain’t the stallion” TikTok trend

“I like you, have a cupcake” TikTok trend

“I live inside you forever” TikTok trend

“I remember when I lost my mind” TikTok trend

“I want waffle fries” TikTok trend


iCarly reboot

Ice in my veins” pose

“If you wonder if I hate you, I do” TikTok trend


“I’m a mother” TikTok trend

“I’m a survivor” TikTok trend

“I’m going in tonight” TikTok trend

Immortal snail

“I’m really looking forward to cracking up” TikTok trend

“I’m so happy … I’m so sad” TikTok trend

“I’m so lucky lucky” TikTok trend

“In Bando we trust” meme

Infinity challenge

“International Super Spy” TikTok trend

Isabella Brazhnikova

Issy Oakley

“It was real to me” TikTok trend

“It’s called the midwest because everything is mid” TikTok trend

“It’s enough slices” TikTok trend

“It’s not the vibe, stop” TikTok trend

“It’s so bad I want to give you a zero” TikTok trend

“It’s the pinky” TikTok trend

“It’s under the sauce” TikTok trend

“I’ve never felt so alone” TikTok trend



J Team musical

Jack Wright

Jackie James

Jackson Mahomes

Jacob Elordi

Jacob Sartorius

Jaden Michael

Jake Paul

Jay Alvarrez

Jazzmyn Forrest

“Jenny darlin’ you’re my best friend” TikTok trend

Jeff Wittek

Jeffree Star

Jimmy Woo

“Johnny don’t leave me” TikTok trend

Joe Alwyn

JoJo Siwa

Jordan Alexander

Josephine Langford

Josh Fight

Josh Morris

Josh Richards

Josie Canseco

Jules LeBlanc

Julia and Lauren Burch

Julia Rose

Junebug challenge TikTok trend

Juno sign TikTok trend



Kardashian memes

Karen Hausman

Kat Stickler dating timeline

Katie Mills

Katie Thurston

Kayla Nicole Jones, aka Nicole Tv

Keke Palmer meme

Kelsey Kreppel

Kiernan Shipka


King Moxu

KJ Apa

Kohl’s Cash TikTok trend


Kyra Pollard


LaBrant family

Laci Mosley

Lamila Petschart


Last Survivor TikTok trend

Laundry stripping TikTok trend

Lawnmower Challenge TikTok trend

“Let’s Groove” TikTok trend

Light blue nail polish meme

Lightskin face meme

“Like I Can” TikTok trend

“Linda and Heather” TikTok trend

LinkedIn influencers

Lip reading TikTok trend

Lip shape chart TikTok trend

Lisa Stardust

Lit, crazy, movie

Liza Koshy


Lofi Girl

Logan Paul

Lookalike TikTok filter


Loren Gray

Lori Harvey

Loyalty tests

Ludwig Ahgren


Maddie Ziegler

Madelyn Cline and Chase Stokes

Madison Beer

Mads Lewis


Magnet TikTok trend


Malu Trevejo

Marcus DiPaola

Mark Gaetano (@snarkymarky)

Mary Jo Young

“Material Girl” TikTok trend

Matthew Morrison hate TikTok trend

Max Ehrich

“Maybe I’m just not as interesting” TikTok trend

McDonald’s secret menu

Megan Is Missing movie challenge

Megan Knees

Menace cult

Michael Le


Milk crate challenge

Mike and Kat Stickler

“Mmm delightful” TikTok trend


“Mommy? Sorry” TikTok trend



Mosaic TikTok trend

Motivational Warriors




“My Mom” TikTok trend


“Nah he tweakin” Instagram trend


National park feral people TikTok hoax

“Native New Yorker” Wendy Williams meme


Nessa Barrett

“Never forget you” TikTok trend

Nia Dennis

Nicholas Galatzine

Nick Austin

Nico Haraga

Nightmare TikTok trend

Nikita Dragun

NikkieTutorials, aka Nikkie de Jager

No cap

No. 7 football player TikTok trend

Noah Beck

“Nobody” TikTok trend

Noodle the pug

Nose beauty

Nutmeg Challenge TikTok trend


Offering to pay TikTok trend

Official TikTok Science

“Oh Lord” TikTok trend

“Oh no! Our table! It’s broken!” TikTok trend

“Oh No” TikTok trend

Olivia Ponton

Olivia Rodrigo

Omer Fedi

Ondreaz Lopez

Oneya D’Amelio




“Pass the Phone” TikTok challenge

Patrick Starrr

Pattie Ehsaei (@duchessofdecorum)

Paul Butcher

Peachy Bella

Pen in cup TikTok challenge

Perfume mask TikTok trend

Pete Davidson

Phone ya TikTok trend

Photo crop challenge

Pinterest lookalike trend



Plush toy trend


“Poker Face” TikTok trend

“Potential Breakup Song” TikTok trend

POV TikTok trend

Powerpuff Girls reboot

Psychic artist TikTok trend

Psychology love eye trick


Puffball mushrooms

Pumpkin heads




Quannah Chasinghorse

Quenlin Blackwell

Quinton Griggs and Cynthia Parker


Rachel Sandy

Rae Dunn women

Rag Report

Rainforest Cafe TikTok trend

Rare aesthetics

Ratatouille the Musical



Reality check personality quiz TikTok trend

Red and blue TikTok filter

Red flags

Regé Jean-Page

Reiña Silva

Renaissance painting TikTok trend

Retirement House

Rigatoni Pasta TikTok trend

Rickey Thompson

Riley Hubatka




Roblox TikTok filter

“Running through the six with my woes” TikTok trend


S Tier

Sabrina Carpenter

Santa profile pictures


Sauce dance TikTok trend

“Savage” TikTok dance


Scalp popping TikTok trend

Scholarship challenge

Scientology personality test

Sea Shanty

Seagull girl

Sesame Street TikTok


Shadow work

“She Knows” TikTok trend


“She’s just not into you” song TikTok trend

Shirley Tempeh

Shower orange meme

Sienna Mae Gomez

Silhouette challenge TikTok trend

“Silly goofy mood” TikTok trend


“Since we’re all gonna die” TikTok trend

Sink reviews TikTok trend

Sister Squad

Ski mask girl

Skinny TikTok filter controversy

Skinwalker legends

Skull breaker TikTok trend

Slap a teacher TikTok trend

Sleepytime chicken

“Slipping through my fingers” TikTok trend

“Small blue raspberry slushie “TikTok trend

“Small potato” TikTok trend



Smule app

Sneaky link


Soda can tabs

Sofia Richie

“Somebody sedate me” TikTok trend

@Someone TikTok account

“Sometimes all I think about is you” TikTok trend

Sommer Ray

“Space Girl” TikTok trend

Speaking in cursive meme

Squid Game TikTok trends

Squid Game parodies



Starbucks copycat recipes

Starbucks cup adult

Starbucks drinks on TikTok

Straight TikTok


Sunflower head TikTok trend

Sunny Malouf

Sunscreen contouring TikTok trend

Sway House

Sway House game

Sydney Chase


“Talk to Me” TikTok trend

Tanner Buchanan

Tati Mitch

Tea bomb TikTok

TED Talk TikTok filter

Tefi Pessoa

Teleport filter TikTok trend

Thanos snap TikTok trend

That Girl aesthetic

“That is a scarecrow” TikTok trend

That Vegan Teacher

“That’s not my son” TikTok trend

“They don’t know I know this hack” TikTok trend

Thickened water TikTok trend

“This took me three hours to make” Instagram scam

Thomas Brodie-Sangster

Thomas Petrou

Thrift cycling

TikTok accent

TikTok content houses

TikTok couples

TikTok dental trends

TikTok Effect House

TikTok follower growth tips

TikTok’s For You page

TikTok hair trends

TikTok post with the most comments

TikTok Q&A feature

TikTok Room

TikTok tip jar

TikTok verification

“Time in Oblivion” TikTok trend

Tinder’s Swipe Night


“Tongue thing” TikTok trend

Tony Lopez

Tooth gems

“Top of the morning” TikTok trend

Towel challenge

Tramp Stamps band

Trey Lander

“Trill Will” TikTok trend

Trisha Paytas

Trixxie World

Twin flames

“Twinnem” TikTok trend

Two pretty best friends” meme

“Two best friends in a room … they might kiss” TikTok trend

Ty Bridgwater’s TikTok coffee reviews

Tyler Gaca (@ghosthoney)


Uber duck voice generator TikTok trend

Understood the assignment

Unsent messages

Used car TikTok trend



“Venom” TikTok trend

Versailles Run TikTok filter


Wackus Bonkus

Walk ball

“Walk like Annalise” TikTok trend

Watermelon and mustard TikTok trend

Watermelon rubber band guy meme

“What are you listening to?” TikTok trend

What Do You Meme TikTok filter

“What the dog doin'” meme

“What was that?” Wendy Williams TikTok trend

“What’s Gibby thinking about?” TikTok trend

“What’s Poppin? With Davis!” TikTok show

“When you” TikTok trend

“Where is the sky” TikTok series

White nails meme

“Who are you in love with” Instagram trend

“Who got you smiling like that” TikTok trend

William Knight

Willy Wonka TikTok account

Wine mom aesthetic

Wolf cut


Woodchuck revolution TikTok trend

“Written by a man” TikTok trend





Yai Ariza

Yawawe TikTok trend

YouTube drama channels

“You’re done” TikTok trend

“You’re gonna love this game” TikTok trend



“Zanzibar” TikTok trend




10-3-2-1 sleep method

12-3-30 workout TikTok trend


15Minutes4Me test

2016 makeup TikTok trend

2020 best memes

343543 TikTok trend

369 manifestation TikTok trend

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