In The Know Honors: David Price

Founder, The Safety Pouch
Age: 19
Hometown: New Orleans, Louisiana

When David Price first got his driver’s license, his parents sat him down to make sure he knew what to do in case he was ever pulled over by the police. That’s when the teenager came up with the idea for The Safety Pouch, a bright orange carryall case for your license, registration and insurance that creates more efficient and safer traffic stops by minimizing movement inside your vehicle when you get pulled over. He revisited the idea during a business seminar in college, and his professor helped him take the product to market. Since then, he’s received promotion from the likes of Tina Lawson, Kelly Clarkson and Gigi and Bella Hadid. Price, who has presented The Safety Pouch to police departments and public officials across the country, hopes the product will help to minimize the dangers that face Black Americans when they’re behind the wheel of their cars.

Instagram: @iam_davidprice
Twitter: @thesafetypouch

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