In The Know Honors: Jacqueline Means

Event host, activist, future pediatric surgeon
Age: 18
Hometown: Wilmington, Del.

18-year-old Jacqueline Means has singlehandedly changed the lives of thousands of young girls throughout the state of Delaware with her Girls Empowerment STEM Events. Means’ events encourage girls — particularly girls of color — to get more interested and involved in science, technology, engineering and math by participating in hands-on experiments and listening to esteemed speakers like Congresswoman Lisa Blunt Rochester. Means has been dubbed the “STEM Queen” for fostering such an educational and fun environment for young students to become interested in an area that is dominated by men. Means has watched her program go from positively impacting 30 girls to well over 5,000, and looks forward to seeing that increase represented on a more national scale.

Instagram: @STEMqueenDE
Twitter: @JackieMeans24

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