In The Know Honors: Jesús Morales

Small business supporter, fundraiser, influencer
Age: 24
Hometown: San Diego, California

For Jesús Morales, helping out the immigrant community was a no-brainer. After all, he is the son of Mexican immigrants. While the 24-year-old TikToker known as @juixxe (pronounced “juice”) grew up in Illinois, his experiences seeing struggling street vendors in Los Angeles and San Diego after he moved out west brought back memories from childhood and inspired him to offer them his support. While he already had a social media following, Morales decided to use his platform for good after losing his job in early 2020. That’s when he started giving back to street vendors in his community and posting their reactions on TikTok. Donations started flooding in, which allowed him to give even more — like $1,000-at-a-time more. Dubbed a “guardian angel” for the Latinx immigrant community, Morales has given out more than $130,000 to beyond-grateful street vendors. And with more than a million followers across multiple platforms, Morales has made giving back his full-time job.

TikTok: @juixxe
Instagram: @juixxe

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