In The Know Honors: Karmen Gooding

Founder, Karmen’s Kitchen Care skincare line
Age: 25
Hometown: Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Starting your own beauty brand after college may seem impossible, but not for Karmen Gooding. During her senior year at Clark Atlanta University, she discovered a way to apply her biology major to her own business. While working in a microbiology lab, she studied how solutions could decrease bacteria growth on makeup brushes, eventually creating her own skincare products. Since Gooding experienced hormonal acne on the right side of her face, she began to create natural formulas right in her own kitchen. In an interview with Essence, she explained, “I was trying all these products and nothing was working, so I figured like, ‘Hey, why don’t I just try to use these products,’ and they actually started to work.” Afterward, Gooding started to share her newfound solutions with friends and family, and soon got requests from those with acne, eczema and certain skin types. Karmen’s Kitchen Care is currently undergoing a relaunch, but according to its website, it “will be back very soon!”

Along with being an entrepreneur, Karmen is a full-time marketing specialist.

Instagram: @karmenskitchencare @thecoolgirlkarmen
Twitter: @kkitchencare

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