In The Know Honors: Ryan Jacobs Flores

Actor and videographer advocating for better representation for trans youth
Hometown: Fontana, Calif.

Ryan Jacobs Flores is a transgender Hispanic content creator who has been documenting his transition on YouTube for five years for his over 95,000 subscribers. When Flores began to question his gender identity around the age of 15, he felt isolated in his experience until he discovered another trans man who had been documenting his own transition on YouTube. At first, Flores started his channel in 2014 just to be able to one day look back at his transition. But after receiving feedback from the online community and realizing his content was proving a useful lifeline for other young trans people, Flores changed the scope of his work in order to share guidance so that others who were transitioning or questioning their identity would feel less alone. Flores has since become a fierce advocate for other trans people by increasing visibility for the often misrepresented community.

YouTube: RyanJacobsFlores
Instagram: @capturedking

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