Woman says boyfriend dumped her over ‘inappropriate’ Halloween costume: ‘So many red flags’

A woman says she was dumped one Halloween because of her costume choices

TikToker Pia Blossom is a self-described “professional oversharer” and chock full of comical stories from her dating life. This time, she’s back with a seasonal anecdote that she affectionately called “another day another dumping.” It all started when she decided to be a “dead Playboy bunny” for a Halloween girls’ night. 

Blossom explained that she hadn’t been with her boyfriend for very long at the time. He kept hinting he wanted to spend Halloween with her, but it made no sense because it was a girls’ night. 

When he saw her outfit and leotard with tights under, he became furious and called it “inappropriate.” He insisted that she borrow leggings from a friend. Blossom refused and went out anyway. At a club, she met a guy dressed like an egg.

They swapped costumes, and she thought her boyfriend would be pleased. But when he saw the photos on her Instagram Stories, he got even angrier. He accused her of sleeping with another man to get the egg costume.

Blossom said that, after the incident, they never spoke again, and he told everyone they broke up because she had an affair.

“Nice of him to show his true colours so early on, what a sweetie,” a user wrote

“So many red flags from that boyfriend,” another said

“He should’ve just been appreciative and let you do your thing,” a person commented

“Sometimes the trash takes himself out,” a TikToker replied

“Lucky eggscape from that guy,” someone joked

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