What is the horror movie ‘Incantation’ that everyone is talking about on TikTok?

TikTokers are obsessed with Netflix’s latest Tawainese horror film, Incantation. The movie, directed by Kevin Ko, is inspired by real events from 2005. Incantation tells the story of a mother who must save her 6-year-old daughter from a curse after committing a religious taboo. 

The movie went viral on TikTok after user @notjustbored1214 declared that there’s no way anyone could watch the film without getting scared. 


1hr 16min 22sec was the hardest part for me to watch

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“I don’t give a f*** how hard or desensitized you think you are; there’s no f****** way any of you are actually watching this entire f****** movie from start to finish without skipping a scene getting jump-scared at least once. Or physically having a guttural reaction of looking away because of how f***** up some of the scenes in this s*** are,” the TikToker said

He added that the “hardest part” to watch was at the 1:16:22 mark in the movie. 

The hashtag #Incantation has over 139 million views on TikTok. People are sharing their reactions to the chilling horror. 

The user @louisshiii and friends literally had to hide under the covers during some of the movie’s scariest parts

TikToker @x.lindsay.cx said she “literally stopped watching. I couldn’t handle it” after sharing her stunned reaction to a few scenes. 

Meanwhile, TikToker @tian.delier was more inclined to make fun of the movie than to be scared of it

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