Incredible self-taught tattoo artist opens studio, hires his whole family

Bret Bloom is the tattoo artist behind FullBloom Tattoos Private Studio. You don’t need to spend much time scrolling through the 26-year-old’s TikTok to see his work is as edgy as it is detailed. 

For one tattoo, which became a viral hit on TikTok, he spent 19 hours across three days, inking a client’s leg. The artwork features a frighteningly cool depiction of Freddy Krueger. In another, he created a fiery, seemingly glowing, portrait of manga favorite Naruto. While a more sentimental piece utilized his sleek combination of realism and animation style to render a tattoo memorial of a customer’s beloved dog.


What 3 days in a row getting tattooed looks like . Done in 19 hours. First day 10 hours, second day 4 hours, third day 5 hours. #fyp #HorrorTok #fy

♬ Drip Like ME – Kenndog

Bloom, who’s based in Fort Wayne, Ind., spoke with In The Know about how he fell in love with tattoos and how hard work got him his big break. 

“I started drawing when I was two and around age six, my dad drew a dragon on my arm with a pen,” Bloom told In The Knnow. “From that moment I knew I wanted to tattoo one day. So I forced myself to learn realism drawing just by freehand.” 

While working seven days a week at a factory when he was 20, he taught himself how to tattoo. His aim was to be as good as a five-year tattooist in only one year. When he felt he was good enough, he quit his day job, took his savings and invested in his career. After nabbing an apprenticeship with little experience (but plenty of talent) things took off.

“Within a month of tattooing professionally, I was booked over three months out,” Bloom told In The Know. “I kept that desire to achieve goals from day one and let it push me.”

After four years at it, he opened his own studio with his girlfriend Alli Book

“Now my dad is quitting his 30-year job to come tattoo at my studio and my sister will be doing the same, as well as my cousin and anyone else in my family that wishes to pursue a dream,” Bloom told In The Know. “As a kid I always said to my family, ‘one day we are all going to work together and be happy.’ So ever since the beginning the drive has come from the love of family.”

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