Incredible vacuum hack allows you to clean even the smallest crevices

TikTok user cleanwithme1401 is known on the platform for providing simple hacks to get rid of dust and dirt throughout her home.

The account is a combination of ASMR, like watching the vlogger tidy up her parent’s bathroom, and helpful tips, like scrubbing tiles with a toothbrush.


Cleaning my parents bathroom because my mum is working 12 hour shifts & my dad well yeah.. Part 1 🥴🧽🧼 #clean #cleansounds #foryou #fyp

♬ original sound – cleanwithme1401

In one of the her most popular videos, she shows how to remove gross food bits from small crevices. First, she opens the door to her oven. It’s dusty and full of stuck-on crumbs that are caught between the door’s hinge. While most vacuums have a crevice attachment, they’re not effective for super-narrow areas. 


Just a little cleaning hack to get into those small spaces! also a good excuse to go and get maccas 🤪 #clean #cleanhacks #fyp #foryou

♬ original sound – cleanwithme1401

The cleaning guru then takes the plastic lid of a disposable fast food cup with its straw still inside. She inserts it into the nozzle of the vacuum and the suction holds the lid in place. While gripping the straw between her knuckles, she directs its tip toward the tiny pieces of oven rubbish that the vacuum missed. The crumbs are easily sucked in through the straw. Success!

The video racked up 1.9 million TikTok views. People loved the affordable vacuum upgrade. 

“I am shook! I have never been able to clean door tracks,” one user wrote

“Yes! I do this too. Except I hadn’t thought of using the lid. I’ve always struggled just trying to not get the straw sucked up,” another said

“Nice. Another good read to go to McDonald’s,” someone added.

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