Industrial mower makes cutting grass look effortless

While most people won’t need an industrial lawnmower to keep their outdoor space looking manicured, most farmers could use the extra help.

The Vicon BX 7100T Vario BX is smarter and more efficient than your average lawnmower, which means it reduces work and increases quality.

With its butterfly mower combination, the mower has twice the impact. The equipment adapts to various terrain to ensure your cut is consistent. It automatically adjusts its belt speed to working width to create a uniform swath width.

Just watch the Vicon BX in action.

As the mower is driven over the crop it creates two rows of even cuts, while depositing the collected grass in a center swath. The Vicon BX is versatile. It can create three single swaths, one large swath, full wide spreading or use one belt only.

Interesting engineering shared the video and it received over 86,000 views.

“Nice engine,” one user wrote.

“Just an awesome machine,” another said

“You need one of these mate,” a user said, tagging a friend.

Over 2 million Vicon machines have been sold worldwide. The company’s 100-year history began when a group of farmers decided to manufacture their own equipment in the Netherlands. Today the farming tools and devices are sold in 80 countries around the world. 

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