TikTok’s latest thirst trap trend involves a ring light and very dramatic audio

TikTok’s infinity challenge has people being using lighting to their advantage. 

In the latest transition trend, people use a light source, usually a ring light or glow sticks, to show off the bodies they’re proud of. The challenge uses light and shadow to create a moody aesthetic that highlights every curve and contour of the body. The meme was dubbed the “infinity” challenge because it uses Jaymes Young’s 2017 song of the same name


sem se queimar agora KKKKKKKK fiz certo?

♬ Infinity – Jaymes Young

TikToker @uailazaro perfectly embodied the trend. First, he posed wearing a jacket with the lights on. Then he lifted a ring light over his head. The room lights shut off, the ring light turned on and suddenly he was shirtless. The ring light highlighted the definition of his muscles while everything else in the room was pitch black. 


O final KKKKK.. eu tento levar a sério juro!

♬ Infinity – Jaymes Young

When @loud_mi did the challenge she transitioned into a corset that emphasized her curves. 

But user @justine.regimbald had a different take. She wore a giant ring light like a hula-hoop to reveal her washboard abs. 

How to do the TikTok “infinity” challenge

1. Turn the lights on. Find a secondary light source like a lamp, ring light, glow stick or flashlight. 

2. Hit record. Then slowly lift the light source over your head and behind your back. 

3. When the beat in the song drops (after Young sings “I love you for infinity”) pause the video.

4. Turn the lights off. Hit record and use the light source to highlight the desired aspects of your silhouette. 

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