Woman learns her neighbor pays $600 more in rent than her: ‘Is that legal?’

A woman discovered her landlord is inflating rent prices for new tenants. 

TikToker @cal_cifer_2.0 dished on what she dubbed “community drama” after her neighbor did some sleuthing around. She lives in an area with a bunch of one-bedroom rentals. A new neighbor recently discovered that, despite every tenant having the same space, they were not all paying the same price. 

The TikToker explained that she noticed her neighbor going door to door and asking questions. When the neighbor stopped by her home, they asked how much her rent was. 

Her rent was around $1,000 when she first moved in and increased to about $1,300 after a few renewals. When @cal_cifer_2.0 told her neighbor, their face turned “bright red.” 

“They are charging her almost $1,900 a month, and we all had the same one-bedroom model. Is that legal?” she said.  

People shared their thoughts on the issue in the comment section. 

“Pretty sure it’s legal, yeah. Renting is a scam and unfortunately most of us don’t get a choice,” a user wrote

“When it comes to landlords there’s lots of stuff that really SHOULD be illegal but technically isn’t,” another commented

“I’m guessing because she’s a new tenant they are charging her ‘market value’ and increasing yours the max % per year until they get there,” someone explained

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