Influencer accused of ruining wedding after passing out during ceremony

An influencer is facing backlash online after sharing a video of herself passing out in the middle of a friend’s wedding ceremony.

Jadé Tuncdoruk — better known as jadetunchy on social media — recently posted a video on TikTok of the moment when she fainted at a friend’s wedding “as they were about to kiss.”

In the video, Jadé, who is standing at the back of the ceremony, passes out from heatstroke right as the bride and groom are about to share their first kiss. Jadé’s boyfriend — who appears to be one of the groomsmen — tries to rush to her aid, but another groomsman stops him from running in front of the bride and groom and ruining their ceremony.


That time I passed out at my friends wedding as they were about to kiss and my bf almost ran in front of them 🙃 #fyp

♬ original sound – jadetunchy

In a follow-up post, Jadé explained that the last thing she wanted was to ruin her friend’s wedding.

“I remember knowing I was going to pass out cause I’d had heat stroke before and all I could think was ‘please don’t let me ruin my friends wedding,'” she wrote.

However, some people were still upset with the influencer and her boyfriend for almost ruining such a special moment — even if Jadé couldn’t control passing out.

“If i were the bride and he ran in front of me i would never speak a word to him again,” one person said.

“I’m glad they didn’t let him pass in front of the bride and groom. Don’t dare ruin my wedding,” another user commented.

“That wedding kiss is something they planned for for months and spent a thousands on I think it’s ok if he goes around instead of thru,” a third person noted.

“U just want attention girl,” a fourth person commented.

Other users chose instead to focus on how caring and concerned Jadé’s boyfriend was.

“You better keep that man,” one person said.

“What a legend!!! Now thats what love looks like,” another user added.

For what it’s worth, Jadé explained in a comment on the post that the bride and groom didn’t even catch wind of what had transpired until after the ceremony.

“I woke up and they hadn’t noticed (they even made it down the [aisle]),” she said. “Everyone did a great job at helping me/distracting them!”

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