Teen pranks family with genius take on the ‘Influencer Challenge’

A teenager is going viral after tricking her family with a hilarious social media prank.

Nombulelo Patricia Sithole, an 18-year-old from South Africa, shared the stunt to Twitter on August 9. Her clip, which has drawn more than 2.2 million views, shows her take on the uber-popular “Influencer Challenge.”

For the unfamiliar, the viral challenge asks social media users to film a video pretending to be an influencer. In reality, they’re actually filming the other way, secretly recording their friends and family as they react.

In Sithole’s case, the prank involved describing her hilariously fake fitness regimen.

“Hey guys, welcome to my channel,” she starts the clip, in traditional influencer fashion.

Sithole goes on to describe her “skincare routine,” which involves not eating any “red or white meat.”

“I only eat sushi,” she says as her family begins laughing at her.

The teen adds that she wakes up at 4 a.m. every day, and is doing a “45-day push-up routine.” At that point, her family completely loses it. Apparently, Sithole was starting to laugh too.

“I did the Influencer Challenge on my family and maaaan i couldn’t hold it in,” she captioned her video.

Sithole told Mashable that her family members were good sports about being secretly filmed. In fact, she said they started to catch onto the prank by the time she started laughing in the end.

Her family’s reaction was one thing — the entire internet was something else entirely.

“I knew the video would blow up but not in this way,” Sithole told Mashable. “I felt everything sink in when influential people started commenting and retweeting.”

Now the teenager and her family are internet celebrities, with thousands of Twitter users sharing praise.

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