Influencer is crowned TikTok’s Blair Waldorf over apartment tour

Hey there Upper East Siders, turns out you can make living in a 500-square-foot studio enviable.

That’s what Allie Provost did to her Upper East Side abode according to a recent TikTok apartment tour. The 27-year-old blogger took cues from characters like “Sex and the City’s” Carrie Bradshaw and “Gossip Girl’s” Blair Waldorf by integrating her coveted clothing items into the personality and decor of her home. The video has been watched over 3 million times.

Complete with display cases of headbands, shelves stocked with mini Chanel and Dior purses and two wardrobes packed with lines of colorful heels, Provost’s apartment does look like it comes straight off of a TV show set.


any guesses for how many shoes i have in total?? #shoes #shoecollection #nycapartment #uppereastside #fyp

♬ Shoes – Kelly

According to an interview Provost did with New York Post, she moved into the apartment in 2018 and hired a decorator to help her organize all of her accessories so that they could be on display rather than in storage. This would eliminate the need to find containers and spend money on decorations.

Provost told the publication that she pays less than $2,800 a month for the studio.

“Blair Waldorf on a budget, I love it,” one commenter pointed out.

Credit: The CW / Gossip Girl

“girls have such cute apartments when they don’t live with men,” another wrote.

“HGTV has been real quiet since you posted this,” a follower said.

Other TikTok users seemed overwhelmed by the price point to live in a 500-square-foot apartment.

“NYC is the only place on earth that attracts people willing to live in a closet for $2,000 dollars a month,” someone said. Yes, and?

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