TikToker’s shopping ‘hack’ is using ‘common girl names’ to guess influencer discount codes

TikTok has figured out the most hilarious — yet effective — hack to get online discount codes. 

It’s easy to clown influencers. They can seem formulaic when they are trying to seem natural, out of touch when they are trying to be relatable and are not always the best role models. But hey, they work with lots of brands and are known to drop a few discount codes on some cool products every once in a while. It’s why we put up with them. 

TikToker @sparklegirl316 discovered a “little hack” that is only made possible by influencer culture. 

“Inputting common girl names until I find a discount code. And that’s on influencer culture. LOL,” she wrote in the caption. 

She typed “Rachel20” into the “Discount code” form first, but it didn’t work. But when she tried “Katie20” she instantly received 20% off her $16.00 purchase, which brought it down to $12.80. 

People thought the hack with genius, and some even shared their own similar techniques.

“Look on the brand’s Instagram tagged pics for influencers posting with codes,” a person suggested

“I did something like this once and the company emailed me asking me where I got the code from,” someone said

“Just search the company name and ‘code’ on YouTube and someone’s code will be in a description of a video,” another wrote

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