Influencer perfects her eyebrows using an eyelash perming kit

Ashlyn Paraskevas is a beauty influencer known for her luscious eyebrows. No really, her TikTok bio reads simply, “I have big brows… I know, they are on my head.” Paraskevas gave her followers an inside look at her at-home eyebrow lamination process, which the beauty guru achieved with a lash perming kit.

Eyebrow lamination is an eyebrow perm and an alternative to microblading. The process takes “unruly” brow hair, smoothes it and lifts it so the hairs remain in a vertical direction. Basically, it gives you that freshly gelled look, holds the brows into a set shape and can cover any hair-loss gaps. The treatment can last up to six weeks.

In Paraskevas’ extended tutorial on Instagram, she uses Iconsign’s Lash Lift kit on her eyebrows. First, she cleanses her brows. Then she applies the lash glue and brushes her brows up to give them that vertical lift. Next, she spreads on the perming solution and covers the brows with plastic wrap for 10 minutes.

After rinsing the product off, she applies the fixation serum which locks the hair in place, for another 10 minutes. Paraskevas cleanses again and finally, she puts on the kit’s replenishing nutrition serum. The treatment is complete and the influencer’s brows are on fleek, that’s for sure. 

A truncated version of Paraskevas’ transformation racked up over 236,000 views on Instagram

“If I had eyebrows like this, nobody could tell me s***! Girl, you look good!” one user wrote. 

“Wow, they look amazing,” another commented

“I love your brows, OMG,” a person said

While Paraskevas looks fierce as hell, using an eyelash perming kit on your brows at home is probably not great general advice. Do so at your own risk, kids!

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