Influencers feel ‘lowkey scammed’ by Dior’s $3,500 luxury Advent calendar

Another holiday season, another insanely overpriced luxury Advent calendar.

The target of this year’s scrutiny is Dior after influencer Jackie Aina started documenting herself opening up each of the doors on the brand’s limited-edition $3,500 Advent calendar.

Dior dubbed the calendar the “Trunk of Dreams” and modeled it after the Dior store in Paris. Dior describes it as “much more than an Advent calendar” and advertises 24 products hidden throughout the piece, from perfumes to candles to bar soaps. The final gift, to be opened on Christmas Eve, is a scented ornament.

Aina has been keeping her 1.8 million TikTok followers in the loop on what each of the days produces and viewers are unimpressed. The sixth day was seemingly just the lid to the candle Aina had opened on the fourth day.

“they lowkey scammed with day 6,” a commenter joked about the candle lid.

“for 3,500 I would expect full products,” another pointed out, to which Aina agreed in a reply.

According to another upload, Aina explained that for the Dior Advent calendar to cost $3,500, each item should have been around $145.

“I definitely don’t think these gifts with purchase-size sample fragrances are worth $145,” she said. “The price needs to match the value of the gift.”


Replying to @allyyyyloveeeee is the Dior Advent calendar worth the splurge?

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“that’s a rip off,” a fan replied. “that advent calendar should’ve been at least 800$ at max.”

The backlash is similar to what happened to Chanel last year with its $825 Advent calendar — which, in comparison to Dior’s pricing, seems almost more reasonable. Inside the large perfume-bottle-shaped Chanel calendar, influencers were finding sheets of stickers, an empty dust bag and a string bracelet.

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