Influencers fly off water slide in jaw-dropping video: ‘I’m terrified’

An influencer shared a jaw-dropping look at an intense water slide in Mexico. 

Drew Dirksen visited the Albercas El Vergel water park in Tijuana. The theme park has been around since 1964 when local farmer Lucio Salazar González built a pool on his land. Since then the park has experienced numerous upgrades and expansions including its heart-stopping highlight: the Slip N Fly water slide. 

In Dirksen’s video, three of his friends laid flat on their bellies at the ride’s peak. Each person had a column to themselves and at first, it appeared to look like any other water slide. They quickly glided down but the bottom of the slide curved upward. It launched them several feet into the air before they dropped into a massive pool. 


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The TikTok received over 16.8 million views. People were floored.

“Am I the only one who thought one was gonna go over the pool?” someone commented.

“I’m terrified but this looks fun,” another said

“I really thought they were going to smack into the concrete,” a user wrote.  

It wasn’t necessarily all fun and games however, in Dirksen’s extended YouTube video version a Slip N Fly rider did get injured.

“Someone just flew off and got injured. I think that’s it for now,” Dirksen said

The Slip N Fly first launched in 2016. The founder’s son Gerardo Salazar wanted an extreme addition to the park, which also has a wave pool and 344-foot tube water slide. 

“A lot of people were telling me I was crazy,” Salazar told The San Deigo Union-Tribune. 

But he’s having the last laugh, the Slip N Fly increased the water park’s revenue by 20 percent. 

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