Stranger catches influencers in embarrassing moment outside home

A video of a group of influencers making a dance video is going viral — but not because of their dance moves. 

There’s a lot of behind-the-scenes editing that goes into making the perfect content. Influencers are known for shamelessly recording their videos on bustling sidewalks, busy malls and public spaces.

The TikTok and Instagram account @influencersinthewild curates user-submitted videos that show content creators warts and all. The clips are taken by non-influencing folks who spot influencers making content in public. 

Instagrammers @andrewswantoon and @hazelkatecryan submitted a video to the account. In the footage, a group of influencers had rested a phone on the duo’s window sill from outside. They appeared to be recording a dance video. But the pack of girls had no idea @andrewswantoon and @hazelkatecryan were watching from inside the home

“Do it, do it!” @hazelkatecryan egged @andrewswantoon on as he held the window blinds cord in his hand. “Do it quickly!” 

He pulled up the blinds, and as soon as he did, the group of girls looked absolutely mortified. They all ran in different directions. But one quickly scampered back to grab the phone and go. 

The caption on the TikTok video was a little too accurate, “They scattered like roaches when you turn the lights on.” It also appeared to ring true to TikTokers, who watched the video a whopping 27.3 million times. 

“I thought they were birds,” one user wrote.

“How are they moving that fast?” another joked.

“Did anyone else think they were a bunch of chickens?” someone asked.

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