Innovative company makes human-safe and eco-friendly fire extinguishers

RAB Global Green is the first totally green factory in the Asian country, Brunei and its fire extinguishers are good for humans and the environment.

While traditional fire extinguishers are generally safe to use that doesn’t mean there aren’t some risks. Respiratory, skin or eye irritation are common issues if the tool is mishandled. Extinguishers contain ingredients that negatively impact the environment and these chemicals can leak in storage and are released when putting out fires. But Rab’s fire extinguisher eliminates these issues.

RAB eco-friendly fire extinguisher

This eco-friendly fire extinguisher seems too good to be true.Credit: RAB global green sdn bhd

Posted by GIGadgets on Sunday, June 14, 2020

Take a look at the video demonstration. The man sprays the extinguisher on his hair and face, he even squirts some into his mouth. But there’s no irritation. Free of pollutants and harmful chemicals, the extinguisher is still able to put out fires within seconds.

RAB’s extinguisher doesn’t contain ABC or multipurpose dry chemicals, a common ingredient in firefighting foam that can cause serious conditions like hypoxia if ingested at high levels. Moreover, because RAB’s chemicals aren’t highly corrosive, it won’t slowly penetrate the extinguisher or leak, reducing the costs of maintenance. 

When RAB shared the same video on YouTube, the clip received over 769,000 views. Let’s just say there were a lot of interested customers. 

“It’s an amazing technology, for use in many places, even in the houses, industries, cars, etc,” one YouTube user wrote

“Wow, very good idea,” another said.

“Amazing,” one person added

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