Innovative zero-waste juice bar is the first of its kind

India’s first zero-waste juice bar is drawing crowds.

Eat Raja in Karnataka doesn’t use cups, straws or even paper products. Instead, it serves its drinks in fruit shells like cucumbers, pineapples and bananas, which eliminates the need for disposable cups and reduces water usage. 

The shop is run by Anand Raj, who was once a local radio jockey nicknamed “Beat Raja,” who took over for his father after he passed away. Raj’s father had successfully run the shop since 1970 and his passing resulted in the shop closing down for six months. But Raj convinced his 73-year-old mother, Saroja Velan, to reopen the juice business in 2018. With the help of Instagram and Raj’s environmentally-friendly reboot, Eat Raja became a revived sensation. 

Raj’s concept started with eliminating bottled water and beverages but eventually expanded into going entirely zero-waste. In addition, Raj reuses wet food waste to create bio-enzymes which can be used as a natural cleaner for bathrooms, floors and surfaces. The remaining fruit is fed to animals. 

He further incentivizes his customers to live more sustainably by offering discounts to those who bring their own steel cups. Meanwhile, all of the food at Eat Raja is locally sourced and he even hired local mothers to create the most authentic recipes.

Who knew saving the environment could taste so good?

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