TikTokers are sharing the ‘most insane rich person behavior’ they’ve ever experienced

“Eat the rich,” a famed quip by social theorist Jean-Jacques Rousseau, has enjoyed quite a resurgence this year, as many poor and middle-class folks struggle with the financial strain of a global pandemic, all while watching the rich prosper.

Amid a rash of “eat the rich” TikTok content, user @missbeifong decided to ask her followers, “What’s the most insane actual rich person behavior that you’ve experienced?”

She followed up the prompt with her own story of overhearing the mother of a wealthy family saying she hated vomit so much that whenever one of her kids threw up, she would simply throw out the whole mattress and buy a new one.


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TikTokers truly delivered with their responses to the prompt, with “eat the rich” stories ranging from head-turning to heartwarming.

One user, named Dani, shared that when she was in college, she had a friend who “didn’t act better than any of us” but “definitely had that wealthy person mindset.”

One time, when Dani experienced an issue with her financial aid and scholarships, her friend asked why she didn’t simply get her parents to help her out with her payments.

“I said, ‘I can’t do that, my parents don’t make enough money,'” she told the friend at the time.

“This girl literally grabs her cell phone, calls her dad, and says, ‘Hey, do you think you could drop a couple grand in order to pay off my friend’s tuition this semester?'” Dani revealed.

And … he DID IT.


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“I have chills,” one user commented on the video. “She didn’t get your struggle, but knew she could help. That’s so awesome.”

In another, far more bizarre instance of insane rich people behavior, TikToker @punkyb00bster shared that her “sugar daddy” bought her a whole house in cash before legitimately ghosting her.


#stitch with @missbeifong yes, it’s true, and no, idk what happened to him. 🤷🏼‍♀️👻 #GiftOfGame #dating #eattherich #ihatecapitalism #sugarbaby #fyp

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Another TikToker, Sara Mascara, shared that one time, while she was working in a nightclub, a man approached her and said, “You’re way too nice to be working here, you should quit.”

When she explained she couldn’t afford to quit her job, the man apparently offered her $20,000 cash to “walk out right now,” which she readily accepted.

And finally, perhaps the most insane story to come from this entire trend belongs to Kasandra Flores, whose mother used to work cleaning a restaurant that belonged to a wealthy couple.

Kasandra says her mother used to bring her to work sometimes, where the restaurant owners, who had three sons, grew attached to her and eventually offered her mother $1 million to adopt her.

“They really wanted a girl so bad, but they could never have her,” Kasandra explained. “So … they offered my mom $1 million for me. They told her if she took the million dollars, they would raise me, they would pay off my college, I was never gonna need anything, I was gonna be well off, and that she could see me whenever she wanted.”

“Obviously, my mom never took the money,” she added.

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