Woman in tears over boyfriend’s ‘insensitive’ birthday party behavior: ‘You should dump him’

A woman got into a huge fight with her boyfriend over a few desserts and is now wondering if her anger was misplaced

She explained what happened on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum to see if she overreacted. Her father got her special sweets for her birthday and she wanted to save them for later. But her boyfriend didn’t want to hear it and insisted he eat the sweets then and there. She told him to stop eating her food, but he continued to do so, almost rubbing it in her face.

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“It was my birthday yesterday and my dad had sent me special sweets for the occasion,” she explained. “As I had already eaten a lot and didn’t want to eat anything sweet, I didn’t eat it yet and wanted to save it. Enter my boyfriend. Even after I told him that I want to have it later and he can have it with me, he was extremely adamant to eat it right then and there. Since I don’t like stopping people from eating, I just served him even though I didn’t have a single bite. Late at night, he wanted it again and I again served it to him. And then we fell asleep. He woke in the middle of the night and went and had another sweet because he was hungry and had nothing else to eat.” 

They had plenty of other snacks at the house, but her boyfriend only wanted to eat her birthday gift. 

“I completely burst out in anger and screamed at him,” the Reddit poster said. “I told him that if it were just any sweet, I wouldn’t have had done this but there are emotions attached and I wanted to save it. And I think it’s insensitive that he already had three pieces of the sweet when I didn’t have any. He failed to understand that and stormed out of the house. While I was sat crying because he had joked that he will finish it all and now I think that it wasn’t a joke at all. He knew what he did would hurt me and yet he went and did it.” 

Reddit users thought the boyfriend was being disrespectful.

“You should dump him,” one person commented

“This is a serious red flag,” another said

“It isn’t about the sweets. It’s about the lack of respect and care he has for her,” someone wrote

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