Woman calls out former leasing company over its allegedly ‘shady’ move-in practices

A young woman is striking a chord among renters after sharing the nightmare experience that she says she faced after she signed up for an apartment sight unseen.

TikToker @killjill___ shared the story after recently moving into a new apartment. She used the opportunity to complain about the alleged behavior of her former leasing company, which many commenters said they found “shady.”

As @killjill___ explained, she has learned her lesson. She warns other prospective renters to be wary about signing an inspection form before being able to visit an apartment in person, given the experience she says she faced when she recently rented an apartment in a complex in Chicago.

“It’s an awful building,” she said of the apartment.


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In the second half of the video, @killjill___ says she was living out of state when she found her former apartment online. Because she was out of town, she had to sign the lease without seeing the place in person.

“They sent me a video being like, ‘This is what your unit’s gonna look like,’ and it was newly renovated,” she said.

The problem, however, came when, despite her skepticism, the leasing company asked her to sign an inspection form as well as her lease.

“When I pulled up, my apartment had this dingy carpet,” @killjill___ said. “The kitchen was not as nice and updated [as in the videos].”

The apartment was missing a microwave, she says, and in its place, there was just a “big hole” in the kitchen cabinet.

When @killjill___ complained to the leasing office, they responded that she had already signed an inspection form saying that everything looked OK.

In a follow-up video, the TikToker went into further detail, saying that she signed the inspection form online assuming that she would get a paper copy later.

“When I moved in … they didn’t give me a paper copy of the inspection form. I didn’t know better. I didn’t know to ask for it or anything,” she says.

While @killjill___ admits that technically, she made a mistake, she believes the company took advantage of her age and her lack of knowledge.

“That’s why I’m making this video,” she said. “As a PSA to anyone who doesn’t know that, now you know.”

Many commenters agreed.

“I made that mistake and the apt ended up having roaches,” one user wrote.

“Wow, they need to be exposed,” another added.

“My complex did the exact same thing!” another commenter claimed. “But I didn’t sign mine either, and I had to raise hell!”

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