Instacart customer captures Ring footage of driver’s ‘amazing’ mid-delivery move

An Instacart driver is drawing plenty of praise after a customer captured their act of kindness during a delivery.

Captured via Ring doorbell camera, the footage comes courtesy of a TikTok user named Hootie (@realhootie). In her clip, the TikToker showed her driver pulling off a small favor that left a big impact.

It’s just the latest viral TikTok to highlight the exploits of delivery workers, and how many go above and beyond the requirements of their jobs. In similar videos, customers have caught drivers leaving handwritten notes with their food orders and using the Ring cameras to share “unsafe” details outside their homes.

Hootie’s video was similarly positive in nature. In it, she explained that she and her husband were both diagnosed with COVID-19, ordering groceries via Instacart while isolating at home.

When their driver, allegedly named Kimberly, arrived at their home, she did more than just drop off their food. She also took out the trash they’d left stacked up next to their doorstep.

“Of course, we gave her an even bigger tip after this,” Hootie captioned the video. “It’s the little things.”

It’s unclear whether or not Kimberly was aware Hootie and her husband had COVID or if she was just trying to be helpful. Either way, the act didn’t go unnoticed.

After Hootie discovered the video and shared it online, her TikTok drew thousands upon thousands of kindhearted comments. Many praised Kimberly for her “amazing” actions.

“This is why I wish you could tip after service!” one user wrote. “Some people are so awesome!!”

“Hope she got a huge tip,” another agreed.

“OMG, good [people] do exist,” another added.

Hootie quickly followed up in the comments to explain just how much she appreciated Kimberly’s help.

“We tipped her well,” the TikToker wrote. “But I hope her other customers do the same.”

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