Instacart driver shares customer’s ‘crazy’ $200 food order

A delivery driver is going viral after sharing a customer’s “crazy” grocery order.

The bizarre order only featured two items — although it ultimately cost nearly $200. The request? A customer apparently wanted “dozens” of Cheez-Its, and more than 10 packages of Oreos.

A TikTok user named linlintoky captured the grocery list — and subsequent shopping trip — in a video, which has since been viewed nearly 1 million times. Her clip explains that the order was received by her friend, who is a driver with the food delivery app Instacart.

“Somebody has the munchiessss,” linlintoky captioned her video.

The clip shows linlintoky’s friend receiving the highly specific order before heading to the grocery store. Once inside, he fills an entire cart with Cheez-Its and Oreos.


Somebody has the munchiessss @cheezit @oreo ##LegendaryChallenge ##GreentoPurple ##SUBstepchallenge ##BeautyReview ##fyp ##foryoupage ##foryou

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The TikToker’s friend then lines up the countless boxes in the checkout line, before revealing the final price — $182.20.

“Time for our boy to eat up,” linlintoky captioned the end of video.

TikTok users seemed both shocked and impressed by the order, calling it both delicious and completely “crazy.”

“Is this a cry for help?” one user joked.

“I can’t with whoever ordered this much. The world isn’t ending people… lol,” another added.

“Someone is living their best life,” another wrote.

Many users tried speculating why someone would need so many Cheez-Its and Oreos.

Some claimed the customer had to be an elementary school teacher or summer camp counselor. Others, meanwhile theorized that they were possibly a famous YouTuber using the snacks for a new video.

“That’s definitely for some influencer on YouTube making a video,” one user wrote.

“That has to be for David Dobrik,” another added, referencing the mega-famous YouTuber.

Regardless of the intention, many TikTok users found the order somewhat unsurprising. Many commenters chimed in to share their own experiences with strange customer requests.

“I once had an order for 10 loaves of bread and a singular banana,” one user shared.

“Yup this is real I once had 14 baby shampoos and then sushi and a pregnancy test,” another wrote.

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