Instagram florist makes enormous and theatrical bouquets by hand

Nothing says “I love you” quite like a bouquet of flowers bigger than your whole body. 

A Russian flower shop, which goes by flower_shop_ubayars on Instagram, makes the most extra flower arrangements. The Instagram page is filled with massive bouquets with dozens upon dozens of flowers. But perhaps what’s most fascinating isn’t just how artful and beautiful the flower displays are, it’s just how rigorous and tedious the process is. 

One florist demonstrated how he makes a giant flower basket in one video.

He starts with a large basket and he places mounting material on the bottom. He places each flower in the upright position, with its stem fastened into the floor of the basket. When the timelapse clip is done, the basket is densely packed with white roses.

Another method the flower shop uses to create huge bouquets requires gathering them together by the stem.

A florist takes each flower, one by one, and bunches them together in his hand. Then he fastens them using tape and string. The mix of big red roses and smaller pink ones makes for an opulent arrangement and time well spent. 

“As always, another gorgeous bouquet,” one Instagram user wrote

Beauty is unreal. Your patience, of course, is unlimited. Apparently, you love your job very much!” another person wrote

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