Instagram hairstylist shares unique braiding tutorials that are ‘hair goals’

Swedish stylist Elvira Jonsson is a hair braiding guru. Jonsson uses her long, blonde locks to create ornate plaited ponytails. She even has an entire Instagram account, inspobyelvirall, dedicated to her different hairstyles. Bubble ponies, French braids and a lot of unconventional hair accessories fill her page. Jonsson takes much of her inspiration from the ’70s Bohemian style and social media trends. 

“There are so many amazing hairstyles accounts on Instagram so I often get inspiration from them but I always try to take my own spin on every hairstyle that I do,” Jonsson told My Modern Met. “Usually I get inspired to do a type of hairstyle or a type of braid and then I will develop that to something new!”

For a laid back style, Jonsson weaved a pink scarf into a puffed ponytail braid. Another hairdo features small pink flowers blended into a loose French plait. But a bubble ponytail tutorial made for one of the stylist’s most popular videos. 

Jonsson starts by pulling her hair back and gripping it like a ponytail with one hand. She separates one large section of hair for later. Next, she loosely ties her hair with an elastic. Then she ties another section of the ponytail a few inches down. Jonsson repeats the process until she has created five hair knots.

She then poofs up each hair “bubble.” Finally, she takes the separated strand and wraps it around each hair tie for a more polished vibe. Jonsson’s hair looks like a carefree but elegant style fit for a day in the park or a night out. 

The tutorial received 182,000 views on Instagram. 

“Stunning! Hair goals!” one user wrote

“Super beautiful,” another said

“Amazing hairstyle,” someone added

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