Instagram is obsessed with tourist spot that lets you walk through water

You can go cycling, skating or boarding through water in Belgium. 

A viral Instagram post by Belgian photographer Michael Pieters had the internet talking about an attraction in Bokrijk, an unconventional path that allows you to travel straight through the country’s largest pond in De Wijers AKA the land of 1,001 ponds.

The Bokrijk path cuts across 200 meters and is embedded inside of the pond so you can see on either side of the structure. Unlike a bridge elevated above a body of water, the water comes up right to the edge of the path’s walls so it’s at eye-level. 

In the video, Pieters skateboards across Bokrijk. As he calmly gliding through the scenic path, surrounded by forest and birds, he reaches over the wall and his hand touches the water surface. It’s gorgeous. 

Pieters video was liked over 272,000 times. 

“Moses was from Belgium,” one user said

“That is the coolest thing I have seen,” another wrote

The cycling path debuted in 2016 and made Time’s 2018 list of 100 greatest places to visit. It was created to encourage locals to explore the natural landscape as part of a conservation project which also restored the fauna and flora in the pond. 

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